Our Services

Docsa Capital Management, Inc. offers both Portfolio Management Services and Financial Planning and Consultation Services. There is a full spectrum of financial planning and consultation services for those who prefer to obtain services on an as-needed basis.


Docsa Capital Management, Inc. offers highly personalized, discretionary investment management services.  If you already have, or are interested in developing an investment portfolio and would like the convenience of having it professionally managed, we offer three plans to choose from:

Diamond Plan: A tiered service plan that includes customized active portfolio management, financial planning and other services tailored to your life situation, goals, needs, and risk profile.  More extensive financial plans or retirement reviews and other services are included without additional fees for portfolios with balances over $300,000.

Topaz Plan: A limited service plan using an indexing strategy and pre-determined asset allocation models.  Financial planning and support services are not included.  You pay for additional services when you need them.

Opal Plan: A limited retainer service plan for either investment management of accounts held at non-primary custodians, or for consulting and support services.

Our team invests substantial time and energy in thoroughly assessing your goals, personal situation and risk tolerance.  Combining the information you provide with the information gleaned from a more formal risk analysis and coaching session, we develop the core strategy that will direct the design of your investment portfolio.

Whether you are conservative and income oriented or in your accumulation years and investing for capital growth purposes, we can design and implement a portfolio that fits your situation.


Our financial planning services include but are not limited to:

  • Helping you refine your short and long term financial goals
  • Retirement projections, review and income planning
  • Cash flow projections
  • Social Security benefits claiming strategies
  • Tax analysis and planning
  • Portfolio review
  • Employee stock option review
  • Discussion of preliminary estate planning issues
  • Review of employee benefits and retirement plans
  • Executive compensation planning
  • Education funding
  • Small business retirement plans
  • Reviewing and updating your previous financial plans

For financial planning services, you can select modular reviews or a package plan.  You can work with us on a short-term basis, project basis, or long-term basis without retaining our portfolio management services.  Short-term and project services have a finite scope and termination date for the services.  The long-term option for financial planning is usually incorporated into the full-service investment management option (see the Diamond Plan).